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actiTIME Basic v1.5 ver.1.5

actiTIME Basic v1.5 ver.1.5: Free web-based timesheet for employee time tracking, billing and payroll. Free Time Tracking Software actiTIME is an ideal Web-based Timesheet for effective project management, customer billing and employee payroll. Track time expenses, generate reports, and analyze workforce productivity professionally! Use actiTIME to maximize profitability of your business! Join more than 35 000 people from 7 000 companies all over the world who use our Free Web Time Sheet as a Time-Tracking Solution!

DEKSI Employee Activity Monitor 7.5: Employee activity and network traffic monitoring system
DEKSI Employee Activity Monitor 7.5

DEKSI Employee Activity Monitor is a powerful employee activity and network traffic monitoring system. It allows you to record and log everything your employees do on your company`s computers from recording your employee keystrokes, website visits, chats, and employee emails. With DEKSI Employee Activity Monitor you can monitor and control your employees use of the Internet andl learn which programs are being accessed when how often and by whom.

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Employee Project Clock 7.02: Employee Project Clock is a employee time recording program.
Employee Project Clock 7.02

Employee Project Clock is a employee time recording program. If your company must keep track of several employees` time entry on one or more workstations, this time clock program is just for you. This software is great for companies involved in control engineering, manufacturing, automation, tool and die shops and other job shops. Employee Project Clock has been designed to be user-friendly. The interface is intuitive and straightforward. Employees

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Office Cyber Alert 3.42: Record, archive, and review your employees PC and Internet activity.
Office Cyber Alert 3.42

Office Cyber Alert will automatically record and review your employees` PC and Internet activity. It will help you increase productivity; protect company-sensitive information; discourage employee-to-employee misconduct; and comply with Government regulations. It is designed for any businesses, including doctors` offices; brokers; dentists` offices; accounting firms; home-based businesses; retail stores; non-profits; schools; churches; and banks.

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Activity Monitoring Software 10.02.02: Activity monitoring software is a best solution to observe employee’s activiti
Activity Monitoring Software 10.02.02

Employee activity monitoring software is best option for all those company administrators and managers who want to supervise and monitor all their employee computers in real-time from one centralized position. With Employee Desktop Live Viewer, no physical presence is required to monitor employees. It is secure and convenient option and its capabilities are truly unmatched.

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TSheets 2.74: Time tracking software so easy, your employees (and you) will actually love!
TSheets 2.74

employees use it. Even more, they fall in love with it. With TSheets, your team is empowered to track time on their own terms, with results you can really put to work. It’s a go anywhere, do anything, passion producing and record keeping wonder tool. When accuracy, accountability and employee adoption are built into time tracking, imagine the possibilities. Employees can enter hours manually or clock in with an online punchcard in real time, using

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Spy Tool 11.02.01: Monitor employee desktop activities with spy tool
Spy Tool 11.02.01

Employee Desktop Live Viewer is an efficient spy tool that can help an organization in improving employee efficiency and productivity. With this spy tool all activities that are happening on the employee computer screen can be viewed and recorded. The software is capable of recording dual-screen monitoring at a single workstation

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